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Welcome to Arathy.com Online Matrimonial Services. Members and Non Members (“Users”) using the arathy.com website fully agree to be bound by this Terms and Conditions (“Terms”).

Arathy.com website is an online based matrimonial service provider. We intend to provide an online platform where the members can register, search and find their partners. Some features are free of charge. Access to other services will be available only through a paid premier membership. See membership page for details. 

User must register with Arathy.com website to use specific services provided by Arathy.com. If you wish to become a member with arathy.com and wish to use the services provided by arathy.com then please read this terms and conditions carefully.

Please note that the terms and conditions may be modified by arathy.com time to time. Any change to this 'Terms' will be updated in the website and the changes will be announced through Arathy News section.

1. Eligibility 

  • To access and/or use arathy.com services, you should meet the Indian legal age for marriage (the minimum age for marriage is 18 years for women and 21 years for men).
  • You should be eligible to enter into a contract on your own and not prohibited by any form of law from entering into a contract on your own.

2. Member Account 

In order to become a member, you need to be registered with arathy.com website. Only registered members can access the premium membership features. On creating an account a profile ID will be automatically created and it will be mailed to the registered email ID along with the member specified password.

You agree to keep the confidentiality of your log in ID, password and personally identifiable profile content. You are responsible for any activity occur under your ID and password in your profile. If a member identifies that there is another person uses the identification info then they should immediately inform arathy.com to take necessary actions.

You will not transfer your account to any other person’s use. If a member uses these elements in a manner deemed contrary to its original purpose, arathy.com may terminate the Member's account.

You are solely responsible for the data (messages/photo/text or any other profile content) uploaded or transmitted online or through any other media using arathy.com.

Profile completion score is a parameter to indicate you the level of completion of your profile fields. Increasing your profile completeness score improves the success rate by helping your potential partner to take more informed decision. 100% profile completion doesnot guarantee (on its own) the response for your profile, though it will improve the probability of getting more & accurate responses.

Arathy.com staff may modify/update your profile data on the occasions including

  • If a request from member or on his/her behalf has been received
  • If it is found that the profile does not comply with arathy.com 'Terms'.

 By providing your personally identifiable information (including contact details, photo, etc.) or any other information captured as part of your profile in arathy.com website, you understand and agree that these details may be displayed to other members or users of arathy.com website. 

3. Profile Membership & Screening

You continue to be the member of arathy.com until the membership is terminated either by you or by arathy.com.

Member can terminate their membership/access to arathy.com website at any point of time, for any reason by writing to arathy.com or by using the ‘delete’ option in arathy.com website. In case if you terminate your membership with unutilised Premium membership then you will not be entitled to any refund of the unutilised subscription fees.

Arathy.com reserves right to screen, filter and /or delete any of the data((messages/photo/text or any other profile content) which has any illegal or irrelevant or obscene content

Arathy.com reserves its right to claim any damages incurred to its brand or properties, due the member activities or the profile or by using the services from arathy.com, from the member.

You agree that arathy.com will not be held responsible for any modification, alterations, reproduction, sale, transmission or any such misuse of data and content of your profile displayed in arathy.com and using it in any other website or in any other media by any user

At any point in time if arathy.com identifies (in its sole discretion) that you have breached the 'Terms', it can terminate your membership henceforth. If arathy.com terminates your membership account for the reason that you have breached the terms and conditions, you will not be entitled to any refund of the unutilised fees of the membership.

There is a limit set internally to ‘express interest’ to other profile on a daily basis. The limit may vary between the free member and premium member. If you hit the ceiling limit you may have to wait up to 24 hours before start using the express interest function again. You are free to use the personalised messages and SMS messages unlimited times. 

You will contact other member with only intention of finding a life partner with intention to get married. Arathy.com will not be used to find friends or for dating partner or any of that sort.

You understand and agree that free registered members cannot view the contact details of the other members unless allowed by the premium member allows to view his/hers. Only premium members will be allowed to share or access the contact details of the other member by default.

Availability of the services from arathy.com to a free member may vary time to time. Arathy.com may change the features/services made available to the free member without any prior notice.

 4. Premium membership & Payments

When you agree to pay the payment you also agree to arathy.com’s Refunds Policy. If a member want to access certain specific features like personalised messages, communication information etc, from the website need to pay and become a premier member. Member can become premier member by paying the necessary charge specified by the arathy.com in the membership page. Various payment options are made available to the members. Please visit the payment options page to see all available payment options to make a payment.

Members are responsible to provide accurate information to process the payment. The payment made incorrectly (or incorrect information provided) may delay the activation of account for premium membership. Activation of the account may vary from immediate to 3-5 working days from the receipt of the payment based on the payment method.

Arathy.com does not provide any option to renew the membership automatically month after month. 
Members need to send a mail to finance@arathy.com for any refund related requests. Action on a refund request will be picked up by our team within 24 hours of receipt of the request.  Please visit our refund policy page for any refund requests.

Please note that your refund request will be rejected if you have accessed/used the service

5. Online Conduct  

The following listed activities or content are termed as Inappropriate/illegal for arathy.com. User agrees that the following kind of information/activity will not be used in arathy.com website or the services which uses the arathy.com website.

  • Content with flavour of racism, hatred or harm(mentally & physically offensive) to the member/a group of individual or to arathy.com,
  • Using arathy.com to send spam or junk emails or chain of letters or emails
  • Providing incorrect information knowing that they are false to arathy.com or to any member using arathy.com services
  • Sharing, promoting or providing obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory information as text or photo messages using arathy.com or its services
  • Providing information(text/photo/files or any other content) which is not viewable or screenable by arathy.com
  • Displaying or sharing pornographic or sexually explicit material or objectionable material of any kind
  • Providing information about performing illegal activity of any kind which is not permitted by law
  • Creating duplicate profile intentionally

6. Privacy 

You understand and agree to arathy.com privacy policy

7. Communications (Electronic only) 

You agree that arathy.com will communicate only through electronic emails or through the electronic message facility in arathy.com website. You agree that the email and/or electronic message communications (notices,invoices, disclosures, any other), we provide online satisfies any legal requirement.

8. Site access  

Arathy.com will not be liable for the loss incurred by the member during the transmission/transfer of data / monetary instrument/messages, through online or other media like post while using arathy.com services.

Arathy.com is only for personal use. You agree not to exploit arathy.com for any commercial purpose, without written consent from arathy.com

You understand that arathy.com displays or shares, only the information given by the member and verifying the member’s personal character is the concerned member’s responsibility. Arathy.com cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided in the profile or the personal character of the individual.

You will not use, display or distribute any copyrighted content or IPR(individual/intellectual property right) material without their consent in arathy.com

Maps API:

  • Maps in arathy.com are used to display only the location of the profile on the map. Google maps API has been used to display the profile location.
  • Usage of the map in arathy.com is unrestricted to all the users. All the users(guest, free member & premium member) can view the location of the profile for free without any restriction
  • Maps are accessible to all the website users (Guest, Free members & Premium members). Users can view the location of the users on the map without any restriction.
  • Users using the maps to find the location of the profile are bound by the maps API service provider terms and condition as given in the links http://code.google.com/apis/maps/terms.html Maps APIs Documentation
  • As a member you agree to display your located city & Postcode on the map for other users to view.
  • Please note that the city & location details used in the map are taken from the data you have provided as part of your publicly viewable profile content.
  • Arathy.com reserves to discontinue the map facility at any point in time on its own discretion.

9. Services and Functioning of the website www.arathy.com

Website provides services through online medium. There is no offline services provided currently. Member intend to use the site should must have necessary & functioning hardware, software & internet access etc.

The site does not guarantee the services will be available & usable, if the internet service provider is unable to provide its services properly.

Though we work with every intention to provide maximum availability of the services, the website services may be interrupted for hardware maintenance, software upgrade or technical improvements. Wherever possible and in our control we let the members know in advance of the interruptions expected if any.

10. Member disputes 

Arathy.com will not be responsible for disputes, transactions or interactions between the individual members. Arathy.com will not divulge any complaints or dispute information or any action taken against the errant members, to other members unless required by law.
Arathy.com will not take responsibility to facilitate any dispute between its members, though it may (on its sole discretion) help for amicable resolution.

11. Company Registration & Applicable Legal Regulations 

Arathy.com is registered in England under the trade name ‘Arathy.com Matrimonial Services Limited’. Its company registration number is 07757213. Operating office address in UK is 17, Ballota Court, 1 Fortune Avenue, Edgware, United Kingdom – HA8 0FD

Arathy.com is registered in India under the trade name ‘Arathy.com Matrimonial Services’. Its operating address in India is ‘13/12, Rajendra Nagar, Udumalpet Road, Dharapuram, Tamilnadu, India – 638657’.

You agree to use arathy.com services inline with the local legal regulations.

The membership account created by the England based customers are deemed to have been entered an agreement with arathy.com in England and the regulations in England will govern the membership for any legal proceedings. The memberships agreement entered in outside England are deemed to have been entered an agreement with arathy.com in India and the laws of India will govern the membership for any legal proceedings.

You agree that any dispute arising from the service provided by arathy.com should be proceeded according to the place of the membership agreement was entered into.


You agree that even if any section or provision of this agreement found invalid, all other sections of this agreement is still valid and enforceable.

You understand and agree that your profile may be crawled and indexed by the search engines, where arathy.com do not have much control over it.

Arathy.com will not give any warranty or guarantee on the content and its fitness for particular purpose.

Arathy.com will disclose any information to other if it is required by law. In other circumstances arathy.com will not disclose any other personal information provided by the members to arathy.com, which is not meant to be shared as part of the profile.

Complaints can be raised to arathy.com by writing to admin@arathy.com

By becoming a member to arathy.com and/or using the services provided by arathy.com you unconditionally accept the terms and conditions explained above.