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Refunds Policy

We at arathy.com have a clear refunds policy to give more clarity to our customers in processing the refunds in the case of unexpected circumstances.

If a registered member would like to get his/her money back after successfully processing the payment to arathy.com, he/she needs to send an email request to arathy.com team at finance@arathy.com. The team will take the request and respond back to the customer within 2 working days. If the request is found to be valid, arathy.com will initiate the refund process within 3 working days from the day of the refund request is received. If a refund is on a duplicate payment, it will be considered a valid payment immediately. We will refund the duplicate payment, applying the first original payment for a premium membership as per the initial request.

If the refund is requested on the grounds of technical difficulties, the case will be analysed by our technical team. If it is found valid, customer may be provided with additional membership period to compensate the period during which the technical difficulty persisted.

A request will be eligible for refund only if he/she has not accessed/utilised the premium membership benefit for which the refund is requested.

Payment refund request for the following reasons are not encouraged as these factors are not in our immediate control.

- Member not receiving enough profiles

- Member not happy with the responses received from other members

- Member got married through other matrimonial services

- Other members are not responding to the requests sent

Note that the payments refund can be processed only if the payment was received by arathy.com team in the first place.

Please write to us (finance@arathy.com), if you have any further questions. We are happy to assist.

Arathy.com Matrimonial Services Team