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Arathy.com introduces a promotional reward program for its registered members. 10 members can win 2 month premium membership absolutely free.

What do you need to do to?

Step 1:  Register your profile with www.arathy.com.
Step 2:  Just upload your photo(atleast one).
Step 3:  Improve your profile score to 60% or over.

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Terms and Conditions



Profile Eligibility criteria

  • Approved profile with atleast one self photo


Profile Selection & Free membership offer announcement

  • First Saturday of every month, eligible profiles will be sort-listed. The 10 winners will be declared on the website on the same day.

  • Your free membership for 2 months will be applied to your registered profile on the same day.




  • Terms and condition ('Terms') set for arathy.com is a precondition to enter in to this promotional offer. If the profile violates the terms & conditions then it becomes automatically not eligible for this promotion.

  • Arathy.com may remove profile (on its own discretion) from the contest if the profile was found to be fraudulent / unfit during any stage of the winning profile selection process. Arathy.com reserves the right on decision taken on this regard.  

  • The contest participants agree to arathy.com to use their images/photos in the arathy.com promotional activities.

  • Arathy.com may cancel, suspend or vary the competition details & its terms and conditions for any reason on its own discretion. Any change will be reflected in the website.

  • Arathy.com decision is final on the selection and no further communication will be entertained.

  • You can write to us, if you do not want to participate in this event. Mail: admin@arathy.com


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